August 2018

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August 2018

Gunsmithing ScrewsGunsmithing Screws

Forster manufactures high-quality screws for a wide variety of firearms and their specialized gunsmithing applications:

Both the Inletting Guide Screws and the precision made and hardened Stockmakers Hand Screws are sold according to the specifications for many common rifle manufacturers.

Gunsmithing Screwdrivers

This most often used and abused tool is perhaps the most important part of your workshop. All Forster screwdrivers are manufactured using hardened steel, with exacting dimensions.

Our 12 screwdrivers and Universal Drift Punch have been developed from decades of serving the world’s most expert gunsmiths. You can also save by buying a set of eight different screwdrivers in a convenient pouch.

These quality manufactured, hollow ground screwdrivers are versatile enough to be adaptable to many other uses, as well. See the complete chart for precise slot depths and widths.


Over the years, we’ve been asked exactly which Gunsmithing Screwdrivers are compatible with which rifles and pistols. We always do our best to research and make recommendations.

Now, we’d like to put out the call to customers to share with us the results of their experience with Forster screwdrivers. When you have a minute, we would appreciate it if you could leave us a note at our online form. Our goal is to compile a more comprehensive list of which screwdrivers work for specific gunscrews – and then we will share this knowledge with others.

Ultimate ReloaderHow-to: Neck Sizing with the Forster Bushing Bump Die

We have to hand it to Gavin Gear at Ultimate Reloader once again.

In a new video and blog post, he covers everything a 6.5 Creedmoor reloader needs to know to use the Bench Rest® Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die in the Co-Ax® Press. Gavin even makes the math look easy.

Check it out. It’s definitely worth the six minutes!

The Forster Bushing Bump Die is a great tool to have for precision reloading…and that’s what reloading is about isn’t it? Saving money, having fun, and getting the results you want with your firearms.

Gunsmithing TipGunsmithing Tip

How do I remove a scope that seems stuck?

Loosening screws can be a real headache. Special problems occur when many years have added possible corrosion and/or rust, which fuses screws to the gun. Two or three applications of fine penetrating oil will help in removal of rusted screws.

Screw locking compounds also create a formidable task of removal. Several setting blows to “Loctited” screws will sometimes break them loose.

In the very worst situation, the screw can be drilled out if held securely in the Universal Sight Mounting Fixture.

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Forster Products

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