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Case Trimmer Collets & PilotsDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

These required accessories are ordered based on the precise dimensions of your case and bullet to align the rim and neck of the cartridge along the center axis of the Case Trimmer.

  • The Case Trimmer Collet cradles the rim of the case. Our range of eight Brown & Sharpe-style Collets is one of the secrets to precise and repeatable case trimming. After all, if the case isn’t properly inserted and securely held in the case trimmer, any subsequent conditioning or bullet seating operation will not be accurate, no matter the quality of the tool or the experience of the operator.
    • The internal Collet steps ensure that the case head is firmly seated in the Collet, even when there is case rim diameter variation, unlike one-size-fits-all universal chuckheads or multi-piece shell holders.
    • The tapered design ensures that the Collet securely closes on the case rim without pulling the case back. When you lock a case in one of our Case Trimmers, it stays exactly where you put it.
  • The Case Trimmer Pilot fits inside the neck of the empty case and functions as a mandrel that guides the cutter for precise case trimming. We offer 36 different Pilot sizes, and all Case Trimmer Pilots are also compatible with the Co-Ax® Case & Cartridge Inspector.
Collet and Pilot Callout

Case Trimmer Kits already include the most popular Collet and Pilot sizes.

Collets are organized according to the Case Trimmer to which they apply. Please also note that…

  • Original and Classic Case Trimmer Collets are not interchangeable
  • Custom collets from .275″ to .600″ diameter can be ordered under Classic Case Trimmer Collets

Original Case Trimmer at YouTube.com

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